Music can certainly take a person to another place and time, however when music has the ability to make the styles of the past seem relevant and modern, that presents a unique talent that should be celebrated. When the band The Postelles came into the public view, they represented this and more to the modern era of music. The Postelles instantly became known for their modern twist on a classic vintage sound and won the hearts of fans and musicians from around the world. Although this is not official site of the Postelles, we hope that it will provide useful information on the band and their music.

The Postelles are known for their amazing fun loving sound that feels fresh and modern, but also vintage and classic and like it would belong in another decade. The four member group hailing from New York City creates light, enjoyable and unique music that is undeniably catchy and original. Formed in 2008, members Daniel Balk, Billy Cadden, David Dargahi and John Speyer founded the band in their Manhattan prep school. Catching the eye of capital records, the band felt optimistic that they would find instant success, however capital records was not in the financial position to take on new talent, so the bands hope for success with the record company was quickly diminishing. In fact, band member Daniel Balk, recalled one of the executives of capitol being laid off while another agent of capitol records attempted to convince the band that their record was still going to come to fruition. Desperate to keep the band on their label, Capitol attempted to convince the Postelles to create a remix of a popular pop stars (and label mates) song. However, after a dispute with the record label on the song choice, along with an argument over the way that the single was produced, the Postelles decided to leave the label for one that was more in tune with their musical tastes, and more able to financially support their success.

A big break came for the Postelles when Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. heard the band play while on tour with The Strokes in New York City. When Hammond discovered the Postelles, he was on his way to the venue for his show later that evening and happened to pass by a club in which the Postelles were playing a day gig. Hammond was intrigued and inspired by the band, and how their sound was reminiscent of his own music created with his band, the Strokes. He not only found the Postelles interesting because of its parallels to his own music, but he also enjoyed the bands vintage throwback feel and their deep and resonating melodies. Hammond in turn approached the Postelles and began an artistic and working relationship with them, despite the fact that they were a struggling band without an attachment to an official label.

Due to their natural abilities and their relationship with Hammond, it wasn’t too long until the Postelles reach the attention of +1 Records and released their first self titled album called The Postelles. This debut album was produced by Strokes band member Albert Hammond Jr and mixed by John O’Mahony, who was also associated with the Strokes and their success. The album was widely influenced by mid century Rock and Roll legends such as Buddy Holly and Elvis Costello. This sound was achieved through not only the bands own personal style, but also due to the artistic influence of the Strokes, who had also mastered the retro rock vibe. Perhaps the most unique aspect of the album The Postelles was the sound of the guitar as it had a distinctive tone, which was heavy in distortion and fuzz. This unique and dirty guitar tone added a one of a kind modern twist on a vintage sound.

The one of a kind modern yet vintage feel of the record contributed greatly to its success The Postelles was widely successful and earned the band a nomination for Best Rock/ Hard Rock album at the Independent music Awards. Some tracks off of this album were also picked up by the successful CW show The Vampire Diaries and were featured on an episode of the soap opera 90210.

The self titled album showcases very autobiographical lyrics that give an upbeat look at some of the band member’s personal situations. For example, Boys Best Friend is a song written by band members Dan Balk and Billy Cadden about their feelings over their adolescent break up experiences. The song is mainly inspired by a high school girl who left Billy for another guy. Another song, 123 Stop has a very 50’s vibe reminiscent of a former era of rock. To many critics, the band’s sound on this record is very reminiscent of retro rock if it met 1990’s pop. Although the albums vintage influences are obvious, one can’t help but notice the modern vibe present on this album. This amazing first work cemented the band as one to watch out for in the future.

The band followed up on the success of the self titled album The Postelles with an EP entitled White Night EP which featured 3 original songs and a remix from their first album. The featured song off of the album, White Night, was also showcased on many popular television shows including a featured spot on season 3, episode 3 of the TV show Raising Hope. Arguably this track was their largest commercial success and launched the band into mainstream music.

After their successful first album, and now a groundbreaking EP, the band toured frequently, participating in festivals such as Lollapalooza and the Bonnaroo Music Festival. Both of these festivals increased the bands popularity and success and lead to tours with successful bands such as Kings of Leon, the Kills and Vampire Weekend. On his record and his success David Darghai said: "If we weren't so incredibly proud of this record, we would have stopped believing in it, from day one we were super proud of what we've done, and we're excited to finally put it out."

Their second album …And it Shook Me was released on April 23, 2013. Upon its release, critic’s praised the effort calling it bright, melodic and fun. From the beginning, retro yet modern tones were apparent throughout the record. For the first track of the album … and It Shook Me the band decided against the traditional electric guitar sound in favor of an acoustic one. This brought the audience closer to the music, and the listener almost felt as though they could sing along. To couple with the success of this song, one stick out track Oh My Luck features bright rhythms and catchy guitar riffs. It can be argued that although the music sticks out as something unique and special, perhaps the most notable achievement of the record is its ability to feel fresh and upbeat. The songs on this album are happy and optimistic, which is something that is rare to find in guitar rock of the modern era. Even their songs where they express sadness seem joyful and bright, as though sadness is only a fleeting emotion to be replaced by another feeling of joy. For example, in Pretend its Love guest vocalist Alex Winston pairs with the band to create a mind blowing duet that sounds like a conversation between two unsure lovers. Although the conversation is clearly one that is taking place between a couple in distresses, there is happiness to the sadness. That although the relationship is coming to an end, there is something happy and peaceful in that decision. Such is the feeling that is invoked throughout this record, and largely why the record became such a success. Ultimately , …And it Shook Me was ground breaking for the Postelles as it helped them shed the comparisons to their mentors The Strokes, and allowed them to create their own voice within the music industry, and in turn shaped the band that they are today.