…And it Shook Me

With the success of their first album and their EP, the band The Postelles were looking to come out with a new and harder hitting album. Their second album …And it Shook Me was released on April 23, 2013, as a successful follow up to their first two efforts. Upon its release, critic’s praised the effort calling it bright, melodic and fun. As with the first record and the EP, retro yet modern tones were apparent throughout the record. For the first track of the album … And It Shook Me acoustic guitars were prominent and created a unique and inclusive musical environment, that almost inspired the audience to sing along. This is something completely different, as the band was primarily electric in the past.

Although the Postelles have always created unique and amazing music, perhaps the most notable achievement of the record is its ability to feel fresh and upbeat. Even emotional and deep songs seem happy and bright and have a meaning greater than what they initially appear to have. For example, in Pretend its Love guest vocalist Alex Winston pairs with the band to create a mind blowing duet that sounds like a conversation between two unsure lovers. Although the conversation is clearly one that is taking place between a couple in distresses, there is happiness to the sadness. That although the relationship is coming to an end, there is something happy and peaceful in that decision. Such is the feeling that is invoked throughout this record, and largely why the record became such a success, both commercially and critically.

…And it Shook Me was amazingly successful for the band and was a record that truly set them apart from their mentors and the other bands within the indie music scene. From the success of this album the band toured frequently and gained praise and accolades from both the fans and the critics.