About the Band

Formed in the year 2008, members Daniel Balk, Billy Cadden, David Dargahi and John Speyer decided to form the band the Postelles as they were leaving their Manhattan Prep School. Since their formation, The Postelles were known for their amazing fun loving sound that feels fresh and modern, but also vintage and classic. Their music is instantly catchy and original and caught the eyes of record labels and fans almost instantly. When they initially signed with Capital Records, the band felt optimistic that they would find instant success. Although Capital Records was not in the position to take on and support new talent, the Postelles soon found support in a partner band the Strokes, and more importantly the Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. With the influence of Hammond, the band soon came to the attention of +1 Record’s. With 1+ Records they released their first full length self titled album The Postelles, and an EP called White Night. Following the success of their album and EP, the Postelles soon released another work entitled …And it Shook me. All of the albums were welcomed by critics and praised for their unique sound and catchy melodies.

Although many argue that the Postelles were heavily influenced by the Strokes and by Hammond, it cannot be denied that their success has set them apart from other bands including the Strokes. Featuring a unique vintage yet modern sound the Postelles have created and continue to create, a sound which is truly unique and original.