The Postelles

After being dropped by Capital, the Postelles were soon discovered by the Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr, who was instrumental in mentoring the band and getting them out in front of labels.

With their growing relationship with Hammond and their own musical abilities, it wasn’t too long until the Postelles reach the attention of +1 Records and released their first self titled album called The Postelles, which was produced and largely influenced by the Strokes and by Hammond. Along with the obvious influences from the Strokes, the album was also influenced by artists such as Buddy Holly and the Beatles. This sound was achieved through the mastery of the retro rock vibe. Perhaps the most unique aspect of the album The Postelles was the sound of the guitar as it had a distinctive tone, which was heavy in distortion and fuzz. This unique and dirty guitar tone added a one of a kind modern twist on a vintage sound.

The mixture of vintage and modern sounds contributed to the success of the Postelles first full length album. The Postelles was widely successful and earned the band a nomination for Best Rock/ Hard Rock album at the Independent music Awards. Some tracks off of this album were also picked up by the successful CW show The Vampire Diaries and were featured on an episode of the soap opera 90210.

The album was also successful due to the autobiographical nature of the tracks. For example, Boys Best Friend is a song written by band members Dan Balk and Billy Cadden about their feelings over their adolescent break up experiences, namely inspired by the heartbreak caused by being left by a girl for another guy. Another song, 123 Stop has a very 50’s vibe reminiscent of a former era of rock. Critics praised the album for having both pop and rock influences, and also personal and heartfelt lyrics. Although the albums vintage influences are obvious, one can’t help but notice the modern vibe present on this album. This amazing first full length work cemented the band as one to watch out for in the future, and continues to be a pinnacle of success for the band today.