The Strokes

The Postelles arguably got their start through the influence of the band the Strokes, most notably through their guitar player Albert Hammond Jr.. Hammond first heard the band play in New York City, as he happened to be passing the Postelles gig on the way to his show. Hammond was inspired by the bands unique sound and melodies and was instantly interested in learning more about the band and working directly with them. Hammond not only helped the Postelles start their career, but he guided them and shaped them into unique musicians. Although the Strokes were clearly influential to the Postelles, one can argue that they are very different. Both bands have unique throwback sounds; however they present their interpretations of that sound differently. Hammond had a lasting effect on the Postelles and their music and his influence led to great commercial success for the band. Hammonds influence also helped guide the Postelles into finding their own musical voice and unique sound.

Although no one can argue that the Strokes are brilliant and successful musically, one can also argue that the Postelles are quickly matching that success both musically and with an ever growing fan base. Through their final album ...And It Shook Me the Postelles truly found their own unique musical voice apart from their influential musical mentors. Although they are growing successful in their own right, it can be argued that the Strokes will always rightfully be a part of the Postelles success story.