The White Night EP

Following the success of their first album, the band The Postelles wanted to go in a new direction and explore past works in a more intimate format. They released their EP White Night which featured songs written before and after their success. The EP featured 3 original songs and a remix from their first album. The featured song off of the album, White Night, was also showcased on many popular television shows including a featured spot on season 3, episode 3 of the TV show Raising Hope. The song White Night was incredibly successful and ultimately launched the career of the Postelles. After this EP the band went on a nationwide concert and festival tour which was met with praise by both critics and fans alike. The tour after the EP included participating in festivals such as Lollapalooza and the Bonnaroo Music Festival and runs with successful bands such as Kings of Leon, the Kills and Vampire Weekend. These tours boosted the fan base of the Postelles and created the bands desire to go back into the studio and create an album to rival their successful EP. This album would be called …And it Shook Me and would lead to further success for the band.